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Roja Tv Parthale Paravasam

Area Coverage

At the outset we would like to inform you that our Roja TV has earned the reputation of the viewers in and around the places of Mettupalayam, Periyanaickenpalayam,Annur, Puliampatti,

G a n e s h a p u r a m , K a r a m a d a i , T h o l a m p a l a y a m , P i l l u r D a m , S i r u m u g a i and more than 168 villages. This vast area of our network cover more than fifteen lakh people. Thus the advertisement telecasted over the 21 years has gained many customers to our clients

Our Networks:

  Tccl : 140


  Vk Digital : 110


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          Visual Animation : (30 Sec Max) :


      10 Times Daily - Rs. 5,000/- Per Month


      20 Times Daily - Rs. 7,500/- Per Month

      30 Times Daily - Rs.10,000/- Per Month


      40 Times Daily - Rs.12,000/- Per Month


      All Breaks Daily - Rs.15,000/- Per Month

   Overlay Animation (scrolling) : Rs.3000/- Per Month

  (Max. 35 words, every 30 minutes once repeat telecast.


      24 hours play. Daily minimum 30 times telecast.)


    L Shape Advertisement: Daily 10 times - Rs. 2500/-     per month

     Daily 20 times - Rs. 5000/- per month


     Daily 30 times - Rs. 7500/- per month


     Program Slot : (Recorded) - 1/2 hour - Rs.1000/-


     GST @ 18% will be added to the all above prices.

Platform Of Our Networks